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Blue Cheese & Bacon

Indulge in our new flavour. Creamy blue cheese meets smoked bacon in a unique combination that will satisfy.


Popcorn Maize Seed in 380gr pack.

For the complete Popcorn home experience.

Our selected seeds with which we have captured the heart of our consumers with MyPopcorn products, now available for every home.

• 100% Greek seeds grown in our own land of the border plain.

• 99% expansion to avoid losing the delight of each flake.

• Rich volume with full flavor.

• Crunchiness that makes it melt in the mouth.

• Revolutionary packaging airtight closed, suitable for food and storage.

Hellenic Product

From Greek corn maize

Handmade product

Rich in dietary fibre

No preservatives, no additives, no allergens

Delightful flavors

Gluten free

Does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms

Low in fat

ISO22000 Certified