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MyPop Seed

Corn Popcorn Seed

25kg P/P polypropylene bag packaging.

After 20 years of exploration and experimentation on the borderland of northern Greece, Smartfoods has successfully succeeded in the strongest and most suitable maize hybrids in order to have today ability to cultivate and produce one of the best varieties of popcorn maize seed in the world.

• 100% Greek corn seed (pop corn).

• 99% seed expansion.

• Increased expansion size.

• Breaking and crunching that makes it melt in the mouth.

• Does not leave peel when swallowed.

• Rich, flavorful true Popcorn

MyPop Salt

Εξειδικευμένο Άλας για την παραγωγή Pop Corn.

Specialized Salt for Popcorn production. Packaging in a 6kg bucket and 1.5kg bucket.

The last touch that comes to complete the feast of flavors and aromas is hidden in our unique salt. Specially flavored salt that takes off the taste of Popcorn. The aroma of butter and its natural pale yellow color, combined with its salty taste are the characteristics that make it stand out.

• Easy dissolving salt.

• Does not leave salty hands.

• Elegant and palatable, ideal for the perfect Popcorn.

• Used together with MyPop Oil for the ideal result.

MyPop Oil

Specialized Vegetable Oil for Popcorn production.

Packaged in waterproof tinplate containers of 20 kg with lid and safety as well as in 3.5 kg buckets.

The secrets for delicious Popcorn do not end with the right choice of seed but are also hidden in the "frying oil". The ideal oil gives to the product a unique aroma and distinct taste and texture, while at the same time it takes care of consumers’ health. These are assured by the choice of the particular type of vegetable oil, our own, Greek, flavored with natural raw materials.

• 100% Greek Product.

• High quality oil, ideal for frying.

• Low Saturated Fat.

• Double Fractionate.

• High resistance to high temperatures.

• Keeps Popcorn crisp without allowing moisture to penetrate.

• Does not cause irritation to throat and eyes.

• Natural features that do not spoil when frying.

Popcorn Cups

Paper Cups for Serving Popcorn.

In 3 capacities: 1.6 lt, 2.6 lt, 5.2 lt.

For cinemas, events, parties and where Popcorn is in general available, we have our classic Popcorn Serving Paper Cups. From raw paper material suitable for food without leaving a trace of grease. Attractive design, modern colors that fit harmoniously with the high quality of each flake.